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URETEK History

In the early 1970’s an engineer discovered the potential of applying the structural properties of expanding polyurethane to civil related applications. In 1975 URETEK Finland began to research and test with special formulations of high-density polyurethane. A limited number of specialized urethane components were selected from a wide cross section of possible blended characteristics. As a result, URETEK 486 Star was formulated and selected for this unique system of lifting and under-sealing concrete.

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In 1979, URETEK advanced the equipment technology of total proportion and injection control of the product. After years of experimental development and technical modification, the URETEK Method® became patented in the United States, Canada, and Sweden. More recently, URETEK’S Deep Injection® Process (patented 2002) was developed as a proprietary system for increasing the bearing capacity of foundation soils for earth supported structures. URETEK International now offers services in nine European countries, Canada, Australia, and Japan. URETEK companies worldwide have successfully completed over 85,000 concrete rehabilitation projects.

United States

In 1988, URETEK USA, Inc. was granted the exclusive license rights for sale of URETEK Method® product and services in the United States and Mexico. With corporate headquarters in Tomball, Texas, the company focuses on and serves the transportation and public works markets throughout the United States.

Affiliated Companies

In 2000, URETEK ICR was created to service the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential markets using URETEK processes. URETEK created an exclusive licensing system to sell exclusive territories across the nation to start URETEK ICR businesses in the United States. Since then, URETEK’s nationwide network of affiliates cover cities and states across the nation servicing the industrial, commercial, and residential markets using URETEK’s concrete lifting technology.

URETEK Historical Timeline