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  • Interior and exterior foundation lifting and stabilization
  • Beam lifting and stabilization
  • Shallow and deep weak soil compaction and densification
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Washout area void filling
  • Pool and outdoor deck realignment and stabilization
  • Driveway leveling and drainage control
  • Trip Hazard Elimination
  • Drive lane leveling and drainage control
  • Parking area settlement correction
  • Loading dock realignment and warehouse stabilization
Collectively, URETEK has completed over 85,000 successful projects spanning 3 decades.URETEK stat panels
URETEK supervisors and technicians are screened employees and are thoroughly trained to perform URETEK projects correctly and efficiently, while always maintaining safety as a top priority. We do not use contract labor. URETEK Supervisor
URETEK affiliated companies use the most advanced equipment and materials in the industry. Self-contained mobile units are designed to maximize performance and keep the consistency of our patented polymer.Missouri URETEK Rig
URETEK polymer is guaranteed to meet or exceed environmental requirements.Environmental Logo
Upon completion of your project, you will be presented with an industry leading warranty.  Check with your local URETEK affiliate for more details on warranties and service agreements. Warranty Icon
Nationwide affiliates carry all necessary insurance required to perform URETEK concrete lifting, foundation repair, and soil stabilization projects.URETEK Insurance Icon

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Missouri Foundation Repair Services

Reducing problems with foundation repair cost, time, and disruption through patented, safe, predictable products, methods, and people.

Keep a cracking concrete slab from crumbling your Missouri industrial, commercial, or residential structure’s potential with URETEK ICR’s foundation repair solutions. Construction of concrete slabs atop the state’s unstable soil is a top driver of foundation problems. URETEK ICR repairs Missouri concrete slab foundations with The URETEK Method® and The Deep Injection® Process, a process that mitigates expansive clay soil using a special polyurethane injection.  We strive to combat foundation issues while reducing property owner inconvenience. The URETEK Method® and The Deep Injection® Process use small, penny-sized injection holes and does not require flooring surface removal or furniture and appliance movement. After injection, technicians grout and seal holes and vacuum small debris immediately.

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URETEK’s Three Keys for Success:

People. Processes. Products.


Our experienced supervisors, technicians, sales representatives, and staff members make for a great team. URETEK ICR supervisors and technicians are screened employees and are thoroughly trained to perform URETEK projects correctly and efficiently, while always maintaining safety as a top priority. We seek to serve the customer by completing your project on time, on target, and on budget.


At URETEK ICR we carry out our modern technologies with precision and accuracy. We specialize in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, expanding structural polymers. The patented URETEK Method® and Deep Injection® Process is the industry’s most cost-effective, quick, and safe solution for soil stabilization and densification without excavation.


URETEK uses the industry’s most advanced equipment and materials. For over 20 years, our patented polymers have offered reliable soil compaction and densification that strengthens the load-bearing capacity of weak or loose soil strata. URETEK polymers  provide 90% percent strength in as little as 15 minutes, have a 15:1 expansion rate, and are capable of lifting extreme structural loads.

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